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iLookOut's Interactive Training

The iLookOut Core Training was designed to ensure that all professionals could master basic information about how to identify signs of child abuse.  iLookOut’s Core Training provides interactive instructional activities along with various didactic exercises and resource handouts, requiring learners to master the learning objectives.

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If you are looking to acquire iLookOut for Child Abuse for training in your state or organization, please visit Mandated Reporter Academy (MRA), which has licensed this evidence-based training from Penn State.


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iLookOut is a multi-media, online learning program that prepares mandated reporters to meet their professional, ethical, and legal responsibilities for identifying and reporting suspected child abuse.

Using an interactive video-based storyline, iLookOut engages learners through real-life scenarios that raise concern about possible child abuse. As events unfold through video and narrative, interactive learning activities help learners acquire and operationalize knowledge that can help protect real children from harm.


Click to see publications on how iLookOut increases knowledge, changes attitudes, and is well accepted by learners.

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The iLookOut research team conducted a 50 state comparison of online mandated reporter training. Click to see an interactive map of 50 states' mandated reporter trainings and how iLookOut compares.

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